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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

★ Will I really be welcomed at Central Christian?

YES!! You will be welcomed! The only way for you to truly find out if we are as open as we hope we are, however, is to come and experience worship for yourself.

★ Once I am a regular visitor, will the congregation want me to “change” who I am?

Yes and No. Yes, we want everyone who becomes a part of Central to deepen their relationship with God and experience whatever transformation God wants you to have so you can live a healthy and abundant life. This is, though, between you and God.
No, there is absolutely no reason to change your sexual or gender identity, ethnicity, etc. (as if you can change these things)! God loves diversity and has created each of us in a unique way while still creating all of us in the image of God.

★ Am I allowed to participate in communion?

Definitely, yes! The celebration of the Lord’s Supper, or communion, is the high point of Disciples of Christ worship and we celebrate communion every week. At Central Christian, ALL are welcome at the table – no exceptions. We believe the table belongs to Jesus Christ, and he is the one who invites the rest of us to come and dine with him.

★ Are children and youth welcome?

Our kids and teens (the God Squad) rule the roost! Our young people are extremely active and our kids and teens are encouraged to serve at every church event as well as in other areas of ministry to which THEY feel called. We also have youth Deacons and currently one youth Elder who take their responsibilities in worship very seriously while still reminding the rest of us to have fun.
We have Sunday school classes for all ages during the school year and activities/projects specifically for our elementary age children (Christian Kids Club) and middle/high school youth (God Squad). We also have a Nursery for babies and little ones with a longtime staff person who has supervised our Nursery for many years.

★ How should I dress for worship?

People at Central dress from one end of the spectrum to the other when it comes to worship-wear. Some folks love to dress up in their finest while many others wear jeans, shorts (in the summer), and tennis shoes. We believe God wants us to be comfortable so our focus can be on worship and ministry.

★ Is the Bible important to the congregation?

The scriptures are an invaluable gift for all who want to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Worship is very much grounded in the scriptures and we have a number of other ways for people to study the books of the Bible in the life of the church. The scriptures also guide us in our discerning and fulfilling our ministries and outreach.
Most of us at Central do not read or interpret the scriptures literally; to do so is actually a recent development in the history of the church. We study and discuss the context of passages, what type of writing/genre certain biblical books are, and how they relate to the good news of Jesus Christ.

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