• Our Banner

    As our Youth Group (the God Squad) worked with the homeless of Lexington, Kentucky in 2016, they visited Woodland Christian Church (DOC). Woodland had a banner naming all the various kinds of people they welcome into their faith community. The God Squad decided that this banner also was the perfect reflection of Central Christian; our congregation agreed. The God Squad spent their own funds to purchase the banner that is now proudly displayed on the front of our church building.

    We invite you to take a good look at the banner. If you find a word with which you identify, you are welcome here!


    Come feel the difference of a church who welcomes ALL without regard for race, ethnicity, birthplace, age, marital status, economic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Yes, everyone is welcome without judgement.

    We mean everyone!

    You are safe here.

    You are welcome here.

    We rejoice in God’s gifts of diversity! We believe Jesus does, too!

    Join us for one service and experience our congregation for yourself!